After starting HUMANFITPROJECT in 2009, Mike Simone attracted the attention of Men’s Fitness Magazine. At the helm of the brand’s website and social media channels for six years, Mike honed his expertise in fitness. There, he interviewed innumerable experts, athletes, and celebrities, uncovering their “secrets” and hacks to forging an elite-level body. All the while, he was his own personal experiment, testing out different workout styles, diets, and approaches to wellness. 


Now, the HUMANFITPROJECT team, led by Mike, introduces Digital Fitness Advisor, a highly-personalized service for individuals looking to achieve new fitness goals—losing weight, building muscle, running their first obstacle race, or getting in shape for ski or surf season—or enhance their existing ones. 


Fitness should be accessible to all, which is why we thought outside the box when determining how to bring the thoughtful, effective programming you’d get working one-on-one with a personal trainer at an affordable price. The result: For less than you’d pay for one private session at an upscale gym, you get a six- to eight-week workout plan tailored to your specific goals, limitations, and preferences—plus, our diet book, access to a private Facebook group, and more. 

Mike is a nationally-accredited certified personal trainer. 


  1. One recommended HFP training template based off your answers to a quiz (valued at $18.99)

  2. A fully personalized one-sheet memo that includes any modifications to account for injuries, hyper-specific goals, accessibility, or limitations

  3. A free copy of our cookbook PDF, The Diet That Works Forever (valued at $24.99)

  4. If interested, you can be featured and tagged on HFP social channels (audience size 300K+) 

  5. Plus, 20% off any future DFA or HFP purchases 

  6. Exclusive access to a private client group on Facebook



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